Thursday, 20 November 2014

Golden Boots!

Hi everyone 

Thank you for joining me again for my third post this evening. Once I have got myself more oranised I am going to start scheduling regular posts rather then saving up my projects and bombarding you all like tonight. 

A while ago I made an Ice Skate from Sandra's Scrapshop and my mum fell in love with it. Mum asked me to make her one to match her Christmas decorations. My mum can be a bit posh when it comes to Christmas decorations. She will only have gold in the house no other colours and the tree is done with military precision - something we delight in ribbing her about!   So I thought gold! I have some gold pearl card I got from our local market so decided to use that and some Gold & White Christmas papers from Etsy. Everything in this boot is cut on the Silhouette Cameo. 

Cutfiles used:
Cameo Shape Design IDs:
Nested Poinsettia - Design ID #15148
Scroll Tree - Design ID #35981
Christmas Ornaments Corner  - Design ID #69276
Merry Christmas - Design ID #5064
'Dec 25' Hanging Star  - Design ID #35813
3d Snowflake Gift Bow - Design ID #69560
Snowflakes - various ones used. Search snowflake in the store - theres 1000s!!! 

The centre boc is perfect for standing candy canes or other Christmas treats in. 

Keep Smilin'
Stacey xxx

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