Saturday, 27 May 2017

The countdown is on!

Hi everyone 

I hope you are all well today. 

Todays project is something very different for me. There is a little background to this project. I have been in my current job 12 years now. My boss is a lovely lady who is originally from America but moved to Gibraltar where our offices are based.(I work online from home for those that don't know)  Since then she travels home a few times a year and always counts down the days leading up to a trip home. This time when Sue flies home she has to fly Gib to London and then stay overnight before flying back out to America the morning after. Well, she invited me and my hubby to go spend the evening with her at her hotel and go out to dinner. Now as I said I have worked for Sue for 12 years now but I have only ever met her in person once before and that was in 2007!! So I am very very excited and decided I wanted to make her something to say thank you for inviting us. I thought of a few ideas and then it came to me to make a little hanger for in her office or home so she can see how many days before shes next home!  

This is the first time I have used blackboard paint and now I want to paint the whole house with it! I love it!!! 

Products from The Ribbon Girl:
Lace is from my stash but a similar one is 'Monique' White Guipure Lace 

Keep Smilin'
Stacey xxx 


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  1. This is fabulous. Going to create something like this for the countdown to my wedding. Xx